Buying our produce

A big hello from Jonny, Kelly, and Tito!

Things are getting exciting on the farm, with spring springing everywhere we look. As we move into the new season we have a few updates to share with you.

We are a team of friends coming together to run the market garden as a cooperative – committed to continuing the principled work done by Cordelia, Chris, and everyone else here over the years. We hope to get to know you much better over the coming months.

In order to optimise the ordering process for everyone, we are using a system called Ooooby (four ‘O’s!) that automises ordering, delivery, and billing. Our delivery day will now be Thursday and the first veg boxes will be going out on the 25th of April.

Click on this link to visit our online shop

There are going to be some changes regarding box sizes, with the intention to streamline the systems a bit, we are offering two sizes:

Small veg box with 6-7 items per week £16.80
Medium with 8-9 items per week £23.50

We are not planning to offer an option to remove items from the box this year, but we are offering fortnightly boxes for those that need a little less veg. We aim to supply you with the correct amount to satisfy your household for a week, so we are very interested to hear and respond to feedback.

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