Essential Information for Campers

FACILITIES ARE VERY BASIC: sinks with cold drinking water, compost toilets, no showers and no electricity, but we think it’s beautiful and you can have a campfire (in the pits provided only). We have firewood available to buy.

CARS: Pay a climate change car charge from the extras menu if you’re driving here. (see below for more info about this). It costs the same as one person per night. Parking is limited as we want to prioritise space for plants and nature over parking places. You can’t drive right up to the sites, but we do have a wheelbarrow you can use to move your stuff from the parking areas to your pitch.

NOISE: Please be considerate of other people on the site. Quiet time starts at 10pm – do stay up late and enjoy a fire into the night if you wish, but be sure to keep the noise right down after 10pm so other people can sleep/listen to wildlife. We don’t allow amplified music or drones.

YOUR PITCH: Please check that your tent will fit in the pitch you book – pitch sizes are at the bottom of the main camping web page and in the pitch descriptions. Also, make a note of which number pitch you have booked. You will need to know this so you can find your pitch when you arrive.

WASTE! We ask campers to take their non-compostable waste home with them, both landfill and recyclables. Access for the business waste collection and recycling trucks is difficult and we haven’t been able to find anyone who can collect it. We welcome all food waste onsite – even meat and dairy – as we have some wormeries to turn it into lovely compost. So please leave it in one of our food waste containers. We would be delighted if you would help us with this. Thank you!!!

COMPOST TOILET: Please read the instructions in the compost toilet carefully – and follow them. We try to keep pee out of the poo container so gents please use the urinal for peeing.

OUR NEIGHBOURS: When you are exploring the area please don’t continue along the private road past the gate to our field – it only leads to our neighbours – the ones that don’t want to be disturbed! There are lovely walks if you go down the hill from our gate.

FIRES: Fires are only permitted in the firepits provided but not anywhere else. A £30 charge applies for fire built outside the designated areas to cover the cost of restoring the damage.

FIREWOOD: You are welcome to help yourself to a bag from the woodstore in the washblock and pay by bank transfer or cash, (please return the empty bag to the woodstore so we can reuse it). You are not permitted to collect wood for burning from around the site as we need it as habitat for insects and other wildlife – the insects are vitally important to feed a range of wild creatures. There is a £30 charge for collecting wood to burn from around the site.

DOGS: Sorry, no dogs.

DRONES: Sorry, no drones

GETTING HERE: Our neighbours don’t like to be disturbed so please follow the directions carefully and make sure that everyone travelling to the site has a copy.

You can email us at if you have any questions. We look forward to meeting you!

07870 704299


It is primarily a climate change charge for car use, not just parking, (although parking is limited so I do need to keep track of how many cars are coming). We’re trying to encourage people to come using climate friendly modes of transport.

We realise that at the moment most people are going to drive, but we’d like to make it cheap for people who don’t. If everyone arrived by foot/bike or public transport we would need to increase the per person price to make the business viable, (or squeeze lots of tents into a field like most campsites do). 

But perhaps the biggest impact of charging in this way is it’s a reminder that every time we drive a car we are contributing to climate change. I drive sometimes too so this also applies to me!

Starting in 2021 we will use 30% of the total climate change charges to pay any fines or costs we incur for actions fighting climate change and donate any of the 30% left over after these costs to a project working to positively address climate change.

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