Box Scheme Practicalities

Information is provided below on the ins and outs of our box scheme. We hope it will answer your queries on the practicalities of how the box scheme operates – have a look also at our frequently asked questions page. If you still have a query, feel free to contact us.

General Information

We deliver to home or work addresses in Frome.

We deliver on Tuesdays and Fridays from July to October and Fridays only for the rest of the year. Let us know if you have a preference and we’ll try to accommodate it. However, we have to balance our picking schedule and delivery routes so we can’t guarantee to deliver on the day of your choice.

We close for a few weeks after Christmas and then continue with Friday deliveries only until the new season’s vegetables start coming through – that’s when we need to be picking more regularly to maintain the quality of the produce.

Boxes will normally be delivered from around 1-7pm. We can’t guarantee exact times. However, if you’ve requested delivery to a work address we’ll make sure we deliver before your work closing time – please provide details on the order form.

We’re happy to deliver to you weekly, fortnightly or monthly, and if you’re a new customer we’re happy for you to try a few boxes before committing to a long-term order. We’re also happy for you to cancel your box for a week or two if you go away (we’re pretty happy people!) However, we prefer our veg box customers to commit to a regular order, and this commitment on your part is reflected in the competitive price of your box.

We try to keep the box contents as local as possible, the great majority being grown on our own site on the edge of town so, as a small business, we have a limited capacity to expand production. This means that we may have to close the box scheme to new orders if we already have sufficient customers. We will let you know when and if this is the case, and keep a waiting list of new customers.

As described on our main Box Scheme page we are happy to try to accommodate 1 or 2 vegetable preferences for your box on a case-by-case basis.

Delivery Information

We’ll leave your box by your front door on delivery days unless otherwise instructed – please let us know on your order form or by contacting us if you have any special delivery instructions.

When we deliver your box we’ll knock/ring on your door to let you know that the box has arrived. But we have a lot of boxes to deliver so we won’t necessarily wait for a reply – please forgive us for playing knock and run! We’re always happy to try to answer queries when we deliver, but our drivers don’t carry your account details with them so if you have specific queries about your account balance etc please contact us separately.

If it’s raining and there isn’t a dry place for the box at your address, we’ll leave your box in a plastic bag.
Please leave out your empty box from the previous week for collection – please leave cardboard boxes in a plastic bag if it’s likely to rain and you have no dry collection point.

To keep our, and your, costs down, we reuse boxes from various sources in our deliveries. Therefore, any product description you might find written on the box doesn’t necessarily apply to its contents.


If you need to cancel your box, please let us know which dates that you don’t wish to receive a box and which date you wish to resume a delivery.
Please let us know any changes to your order by 8.30am the Monday before your delivery is due. This helps us to avoid wastage.
If you decide to cancel your box permanently, we’d be grateful if you could let us know your reasons in case it helps us to improve our service.

Payment and Invoices

We strongly prefer customers to pay by regular standing order or bank transfer. This saves time and minimises potential errors. We’ll provide you with our bank details upon joining the box scheme.

We can generate a statement or invoice for you detailing payments and deliveries upon request.

Comments and Complaints

We hope you’ll enjoy your box, but we’re always looking at ways of improving our service and we do make occasional mistakes so we’re grateful for all of your feedback, positive or negative. Please contact us with any comments, questions or complaints.

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