Welcome to Vallis Veg

We’re a small farm on the outskirts of Frome, Somerset, producing vegetables, fruit and various other farm products for our local customers. We also offer a small number of camping spots and other activities/events for visitors.

Newsflash! We have an online course in making a compost toilet. You can watch a preview here

You can buy the course from lowimpact.org here: Compost Toilets: Introduction

Have a look at our Buying our produce page if you live in Frome. There are lots of different ways you can obtain our products – we hope you can find one to suit you! By buying from us, you’re helping to support a local, environmentally-minded business, as well as being assured of receiving freshly-picked and delicious local produce. Drop us a line if you’d like to join our email list, with occasional information about Vallis Veg and other sustainable local food initiatives. Likewise for any other comments on this site, or if you’d like to visit us.