Box Scheme Order Form

If you are a new customer and want to order a box please send us an email to:

Here is the info we will need:

• Your full name and address, including postcode
• Your phone number and email address
• What size box you prefer (you can always change to a different size later):

Mini (5-7 items) £10.40
Small (6-7 items in larger quantities) £12.90
Medium (7-9 items) £19.30
Potato and Onion free (7-9 items) £19.70

• Any special instructions as to where to leave the box/how to find your house.
• Whether you’d like to place a weekly/fortnightly/monthly repeat order.

More information about Veg box deliveries from Vallis Veg:

• If you need to cancel a box in any given week we need to know by 8.30am on the preceding Tuesday.
• Also, please leave your empty box out for us to collect when we deliver your next box, as it saves on cardboard/wood/diesel.
• We usually deliver between 1 and 6pm, but can’t guarantee an exact time.
• Deliveries are on Fridays from January to the summer (usually June/July) and on Mondays and Fridays from the summer to November, as we need to harvest more regularly in the growing season.
• We prefer payment by standing order: account 70794346 sort code: 089250.
• Please use your first name and then your surname as reference so we know the money is from you

Any queries, please do get in touch

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