Publications by Chris and others

This page lists and where possible links to the main research and publications in roughly chronological order (latest first) that we’ve produced either on the basis of our work at Vallis Veg or just generally. All publications are authored by Chris Smaje unless otherwise stated.


‘From small seeds’ Red Pepper, Issue 196 (Jun/Jul 2014) pp.8-9.

Peasants, food sovereignty and the Landworkers’ Alliance – The Land, Issue 15, Winter 2013/14 pp.29-31.

Kings and commoners: agroecology meets consumer culture Journal of Consumer Culture, 2014.

Global hunger: three Christmas ghost stories 2013.

Social statistics, counterfactuals and the green revolution 2013.

The great quinoa debate or why we need social statisticians and philosophers 2013.

Can organic farming feed the world 2013.

review of R. Ford Denison’s book Darwinian Agriculture in Permaculture Magazine.

Agro-ecology – securing sustainable futures? Paper presented to the Royal Geographical Society Conference, Edinburgh 4 July 2012.

Ruminations of a tree fetishist,The Land Issue 12 (Summer 2012), p.64.

City capitalists or agrarian peasants: where does the future lie? Campaign For Real Farming (October, 2011)

The ungreen city, or the polluting countryside? Significance: Statistics Making Sense Volume 8, Issue 2, (June, 2011).

Smaje, C. and Rowlatt, C. Key policies for agroecology in the UK All Party Parliamentary Group on Agroecology Briefing Paper, February 2011. Available here.

Industrial or agroecological farming? Performance indicators in the UK (January 2011). Available here on the website of the excellent Campaign for Real Farming (you have to scroll down the page a little!).

Land Use Options For Sustainable Farming. Published by the Food Climate Research Network at the University of Surrey, and in Agroforestry News Vol.18, No.3 (May 2010). Also available here.

Small farm permaculture Permaculture Magazine No.65 (Autumn 2010) pp.47-50.

Genesis & J.Baird Callicott: the land ethic revisited Journal for the Study of Religion, Nature and Culture (Vol.2, No.2, 2008: pp.183-198)

So, just whose land is it anyway? The Countryman, (November 2007), pp.81-84.

Planning a woodland Permaculture Magazine No.51 (Spring 2007), pp.47-8.

A few acres in the country Permaculture Magazine No.50 (Winter 2006), pp.36-9.

The watcher in the woods BBC Wildlife Magazine Vol.24, No.6 (June 2006), pp.54-5.

Down on the farm Independent on Sunday (The Compact Traveller), 24 September 2006, pp.10-11

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