How We Farm

There’s a lot of concern these days about the environmental impact of farming, and indeed figuring out a more sustainable way of farming is one of the main things that attracted us to commercial horticulture in the first place. Having said that, trying to do the right thing is a confusing business – for every method that somebody champions as the way forward there’s bound to be somebody else saying the exact opposite, and thinking changes rapidly. There are even those who say that local, small-scale, organic agriculture is less sustainable than modern high-tech industrialised agriculture.

A lot depends on definition of terms and underlying assumptions, and we’ve looked at much of this in detail on our blog and in some of our publications. Over the years, we’ve come to our own views about what we think a sustainable farming system looks like and we’ve done our best to realise it on our site. Really, it’s a never-ending process – we’re always trying to improve and fine-tune our systems, and we’re always learning new things from other growers and from the emerging science.  The process also involves compromises between what we think is the ideal in terms of sustainability and what actually works financially within the present economy.

Anyway, you’ll find on the menus to the left our thoughts in brief on some of the main issues around sustainability in farming and our current practices. We’ll update them as our ideas mature! Please feel free to contact us with any comments or queries.

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