How to get involved

We are not looking for people for the Eco-farm project, but do get in touch if you would like to know more about what we might do with the land there may be opportunities to get involved with what happens next!

If you would like to participate in this project, please answer the questions below

We are looking for people who want to make land productive, and who share the ethics of the project – to facilitate biodiversity, to be climate friendly and to be people friendly. Although the farms will be separate in this project, it’s important that you’re happy to work with others to develop the project as a whole – this is a vital part of the process.

We want to create an opportunity for motivated people to start new eco-farms by minimising some of the risks and costs in starting up a new land-based enterprise. There are, however, still risks involved and the success of the project depends on commitment to the principles and a lot of hard work.

Our overall aim is to create a replicable model of a community of small, independent eco-farms which enables people and the land to be productive, biodiverse and climate friendly and which benefits both the farmers and the broader community.

If you are interested in supporting the project in ways other than as a potential farmer then we’d also love to hear from you! In the short term we anticipate a particular need for people who know about online communications and data management and online tools which could enable the project to be replicable. We’d also like to hear from people who might want to invest in the project at a later stage.

We will use your responses to the questions below to identify an initial group of potential farmers and supporters.

Please email your answers to

Questions for potential farmers

Q1  Do you need a small piece of agricultural land to set up your dream business? If so, what kind of business would you like to start up? Please give as much detail as possible. (max 500 words)

Q2  What steps have you taken so far to turn this dream into a reality? In taking these steps, what risks have you taken and/or managed?  (max 500 words)

Q3  What are the core aims of the business you want to start up? Please be as specific as possible. (max 200 words)

Q4  What are the ethical principles that guide you most in your life and how do you live them? Please give examples of this e.g. things you have done and/or changes you have made in your life in order to live in line with your principles. (max 500 words)

Q5  Do you have an idea of your ideal future? If so, how does it look? (max 200 words)

Q6  Where would you like to live and why? E.g. county/region? (max 100 words)

Questions for supporters

Q7  What is your interest in the project?

1. offering your skills 2. potentially investing in the project at a later date? 3.  You would just like to be kept informed

Q8 Please give more details

For an informal chat, please call Cordelia on 07870 704299

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